Is it me or is this guidebook more than half the width/weight of any other guidebook I own. Perhaps they've been closing crags. Maybe somebody left the book in the dryer too long. Surely their idea of the "best of the red" must be pure 5-star snobbery if they've been able to cut it down to this size...(opens book)...nope.

I'm not sure how they did it, it's all here: The lode, Bald rock, Muir valley, Miller Fork, Military Wall/Left Flank, more. Some type of wizardry is in action

Ryan Litchfield

sun/shade times, drive/hike directions, ok in rain, index by both grade and alphabet, inspiring action shots and a ton of route photos. Everything you are looking for in an impressively compact and easy to navigate guidebook.

Alan VG

A great minimalist, uncluttered collection of classic routes with excellent route descriptions and photography. The sun or shade and approach details were very helpful

Daniel Nordin

5 stars for sure!! - This was released while I was climbing in the Red recently and was one of the best guides I've used! The small book is absolutely loaded with a fantastic selection of crags, all with awesome maps, epic photos and great commentary!

Melissa Mooney

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Best of the Red